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Your shipment can be tracked easily with our advanced Rivigo tracking system, whether at home, office, or while traveling. You don’t need to visit courier locations or call customer service centers. You can quickly check your consignment tracking by entering a consignment number or id in our central tracking system.

What is Rivigo??

 It’s a web-based logistics service startup founded by Deepak Garg and Ghazal Kalra in 2014. They are not the uber of the logistics industry; instead, they’ve their own set-up of innovation. Its  logistics industry disrupted the logistics sector in the last years and became a 1 Bn$ company.

Deepak Garg
Deepak Garg
Gazal kalra
Gazal Kalra

In India, truck drivers don’t get as much respect as they deserve; they are away from their families for up to a month. They came up with the idea that the driver would start from home and return in the evening. The  Pilot is going to stay with his family for months. It all became possible due to their relay model.

It’s making the courier shipment of consignment equivalent to the time of the airline. It’s giving courier  delivery services in various sectors such as Pharmaceuticals, apparel, Frozen foods, Automotive, and FMCG. They are one of the early AI adopters. Further more, you can visit India times about rivigo which covered almost everything.

What do they offer?

Business Model

Its business model is unique due to its transportation module. Below are some of them;

Relay Transport Model

Transport drivers will meet at a centre point, exchange their vehicles, and again they will reach back to their respective places. This model makes them successful because it lessens the transit time in shipping the delivery from one city to another city. The purpose was to address the shortage of  truck pilot, making transport safe and more reliable.

Cold chain system

One of the innovative models is cold chain transportation.

Temperature-sensitive goods like Dairy, Pharma, Chocolate, Ice-cream, and Frozen products must have a certain level of temperature. With the help of an IoT-enabled cold chain system, the trucks have refrigerators and a remote control temperature management system, keeping visibility and transparency.

Transparent model

The client has access to the real-time consignment tracking. Also, they can see performance analysis and status updates. Due to real-time tracking, it becomes easy for clients to make better decisions in the future.

Rivigo Tracking Business model

Services of Rivigo

 It’s a logistics-based start-up. 

The services include cold chain, cargo handling, fleet management, and total truck loading. Furthermore, its offerings are e-commerce, automobiles, electronics, and healthcare sectors in India. Mahindra Logistics also became a partner with Rivigo, and the purpose was to strengthen its express business capability.

Some services are under as;

  • Truck Transportation.
  • Cold Chain Transport.
  • Full Truck Load.
  • Express Cargo.
  • Warehousing.

Appointment Delivery

Renowned logistics companies like Rivigo, in collaboration with e-commerce companies, substantiate enormous value, delinquent to their technology-based process like appointment delivery.

Advantages of A.D.Services

  1. They’ve organised the speedy reversal schedule.
  2. Stress-free meetings, flexible setup, and verification.
  3. Immediate and reliable updates to the vendor.
  4. Refusal of zero vehicles.

Cod/Dod Services 

  1. Reliable 
  2. Fast
  3. Flexible 
  4. Smart
Facts About Rivigo

Benefits of Rivigo Tracking

1. Air equivalent time

Due to the unique relay transport module, it lessens the transit time by 50-70%. Furthermore, inventory cost and working capital are reduced,  storage space, and sorting solutions have been provided.

2-Higher Asset utilisation

The innovative relay module  works based on Big data, AI, and IoT. The algorithm provides routes and resources to the truck driver. That’s why its courier company consumes 3x maximum asset utilisation compared to the conventional module.

3- Pilot return schedule

 An innovative relay module  works based on Big data, AI, and IoT. The algorithm provides routes and resources to the truck driver. That’s why its courier company consumes 3x maximum asset utilization compared to the conventional module.

Typically, the drivers come home once a month; due to this, they are exposed to diseases such as HIV and AIDS and become drug addicts. Its relay module ensures that transport pilots come to home once a day.

About Pilots
Did You know that?

Hidden Features

  • Advance management for an impactful resolution of truck storage.
  • Revolutionalise technology platforms for transport drivers and also in the logistics industry.
  • The system is a combination of Automatic alerts and other smart systems.
  • They provided a powerful framework and equipped the truck drivers with training facilities.
  • Aside from family time, truck drivers gain respect and financial assistance.
  • Reevaluate the logistics industry.

You can easily track your shipment using our services by entering the tracking id or C.N. Number in our main tracking tool system.

It’s an incredible company with a rating of 3.8 out of 5, based on 1.7k reviews by employees on the ambition box.

It’s a logistics-based courier company founded in 2014 by Deepak Garg .